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Friday, May 09, 2014

SOCCER: FIFA CONGRESS - Blatter for another FIFA term's fine. Will he address Laws' interpretations disreputing Football?

Sepp Blatter's official statement to stand for a further mandate at the helm of FIFA has sent the newsagencies' wires hot. The controversial Swiss has however demonstrated he can do it and he is fit for it provided he addresses urgently the rules disrepute football, not soccer, is ongoing in the pitches.

 FIFA President Joseph Blatter / Picture:
by Richard IV

LONDON. According to some reports FIFA President Joseph 'Sepp' Blatter has intention to ask the next year's FIFA Congress to prolong his mandate to its fifth term.

It would take him to a twenty years spell at the helm of the world soccer authority however four years short of his predecessor, Brazilian Joao Havelange, who reigned from1974 until 1998.

Blatter, provide he will go through the actual internal investigation over the assignments of the two next World Cups, he is a fit and charm person that has - despite being elected in 1998 amidst cries of fifty thousands dollars 'bungs' delivered overnight to African federations electors' rooms at Paris' Meridien hotel and survived at the last election when a Zurich's newspaper reported similar cries for components of the Executive Committee - finally seemed to grasp the essence of football laws and the need to adapt them to the times.

He duly, almost on his own will, decided recently to bring in the much acclaimed Goal Line Technology for all the major national and international competitions to guarantee the avoidance of injustices like the 'phantom' goal in the last World Cup match between Germany and England.

He is therefore well fit to continue - and in this sense we already expressed our opinion after what happened in Salvador during the 2014 Brazil World Cup Draw where a power sharing deal it seems to have occurred with France's and UEFA president Michel Platini - however, despite what he said at the last pre 2010 World Cup ExCo in South Africa with regards to tolerating pushing and showing, he must bring back professional football to the correct application of interpretations of its Laws or it risks a perhaps lethal fracture with the global grassroots players base that in turn support FIFA and its Federations earnings.

In fact it is not a secret that number of amateurs and youth players, matches and therefore numbers of clubs and leagues have dropped everywhere in the men sectors whilst their are on the increase in the women side where football or soccer is still played and regulated according the Laws.  

Together with doping and match fixing betting Sepp Blatter should intervene in the Laws interpretation areas where everyone can now ascertain by himself that with all those rules violations, theatrical plays , dives and misinterpretations or exaggerations by both players and lemient officials, it isn't anymore more Football we are watching but rather Wrestling. 


Blatter states intention to announce his candidacy for another FIFA term

The FOOTBALL REPORT: FIFA CONGRESS - Blatter for another FIFA term's fine. Will he address Laws' interpretations disreputing Football?:

Friday, April 11, 2014

ITALIAN POLITICS: PM Matteo Renzi's 100 Days to Sort ITALY Out - VIDEO - ARTE TV

Why is the newly appointed Prime Minister controversial approach, despite his Party's political responsibilities, stirring irritation in Italy?

by Richard IV @lmenin

LONDON. Newly appointed Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has launched on Tuesday his 100 days program to straighten Italy's public administration and its costs.

In his analysis the 39 years old Florentine politician identified in €32b the cuts to the public administration's budget to be applied in three years. But attached to the lay off of hundred of thousands civil servants there is no provision to extend the much needed public offices opening hours to the afternoons.

There will also be - for the first time in the Italian culture the introduction of the term 'benefits' - for an amount of €80 to be applied to workers with an yearly gross income up to €25k but oddly enough no measures to support those small and individual entrepreneurs that stopped trading (1000/day) or those over 50s 'esodati' (260,000) people out of work left with no welfare support at all before they can draw a pension. But not all have that strength and so far some 600 entrepreneurs have taken their lives. A shabby record for the land believed to lead in social justice and home of the Holy Christian Church.

A really shameful thing to do for someone who holds in his person, beside the charge of Prime Minister and Mayor of Florence, the leadership of the Democratic Party (formerly the Communist Party) or the head of workers' Party Unions.

Amongst all his measures announced by Renzi the abolition of the Senate - without even a parliamentary debate over the millenarian institution, pride of Italian democracy and indeed firstly introduced by the Romans to democratic world's countries - is the one that raised eyebrows in many, perplexed about his constitutional nous.

Italy also need another important measure to be put in place and that is in the Law tribunals and courts where cases lay there sometime for decades dragging the country efficiency and justice down to third world levels. However there has been no mention for it so far in the 'Florentine Prince's statement.