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EU LIFESTYLE: New Year's Resolutions Time Is Approaching, So Why Not Considering Watching This ''Truth About Fat'', VIDEO?

Meanwhile USA paranoiac drive toward violations of EU and other countries visiting citizens rights have gone too far.


LONDON. When not arresting and fingerprinting EU Citizens travelling with a regular VISA under false pretences at their US Borders and then not even bothering to redress the wrongdoings (See story: Are The USA Gone Bananas?) our dear fellows friends Americans can still produce interesting analysis for us - 'commoners second class  mortals' living outside their 'Wild West' and world colonisation dreams - like this nice TIME video and the article below over the reasons why over a certain age people start losing their shapes - when not their minds - and should do a list of actions to follow up to keep their health, confidence and respect of themselves.

11 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat | TIME:

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FOOTBALL EXCLUSIVE: A Good €uropean - ESTONIA Women's Coach KEITH BOANAS Interview - Part One

The ESTONIA Women boss and former Charlton Athletic LFC manager talked
exclusively with THE FOOTBALL REPORT about his achievements in the
English FA Women's League, the ENGLAND Women's job and about the next
FIFA Women's World Cup dangers. (Part One) 

Estonia Women Manager Keith Boanas with FA's Sir Trevor Brooking  /Pict.: Estonia WFA

 by Richard IV

at St Georges' Park

BURTON-Upon-TRENT. ''I am over here'' Keith Boanas beckoned me over with an endearing smile from his lobby's armchair as I glanced around for him in the entrance hall of the Hilton hotel yesterday at St. Georges’ Park, the English FA's dream coaching facilities situated in the leafy and breathtaking Burton-upon-Trent woodlands just inside the National Forest, on the occasion of the annual Football Association 2014 Licensed Coaches Club Conference.


The Englishman like many other countrymen and good Europeans, has set his career on the same path as Three Lions' manager Roy Hodgson by piling up international experience on the Continent, in the cold Baltic shores of Estonia except with the opposite genders sports side - in the now globally booming game of women's football.


Likewise Hodgson, who coached in the past Switzerland, Finland and Inter Milan FC, Boanas has been transparent in coveting the desire to return home being an opening for the England job but after being short listed in the recent search for Hope Powell's successor the Three Lionesses job went quite surprisingly to young Welshman Mark Sampson, 31, who headed the Swansea FC Centre of Excellence during the Roberto Martinez time  and who then managed the rise of the Bristol Academy ladies to two FA's Women FA Cup finals and concluded his term as runners-up to Liverpool Ladies in last year's FA's Women Super League championship.


''Sir Trevor Brooking, (pictured above recently with Keith Boanas) the former FA's technical director who retired recently and in charge of the decision one year ago, felt to send me a letter of apologies'' said the Estonia FA Women's boss who seemed aggrieved by the decision and that his managerial track record of successes was overlooked.


The management career of Keith Boanas started in men football with Non-League Ryman League Tooting & Mitcham United FC before stepping into women's football when offered the Charlton Athletic FC Girls and
Women programme role. 


The Boanas masterpiece has been to accomplish an Herculean feat almost single-handed, with a largely amateurial structure, as he took Charlton Athletic FC Ladies firstly to a double FA Women's League Cup triumph and then to a FA Women's Community Shield success alongside three seasons title's runners up in the FA Women's Premier League final standings as well as reaching four times the pinnacle of the FA Women's Cup final and conquering the 'holy grail' at the third attempt in 2005 but alas sadly a beaten finalist in 2007.


The Londoner's had in their ranks England players like goalkeeper Pauline Cope (now his wife) and captain and Olympic Team GB captain Casey Stoney, plus current Lioness Fara Williams (coached by Boanas as a youngster and who joined from Chelsea LFC) and the striker Eniola Aluko, now in her full maturity, who can still do marvels for England.


Boanas took the club to a level never reached since, breaking up the overwhelming domination and stronghold in those years of women's football professional clubs like Arsenal Ladies FC and Fulham LFC which
fielded striker legends like Marianne Spacey and Norwegian sensation Marianne Pettersen.


Keith Boanas, besides his international coaching duties also maintains a solid foothold in The Football Association's members structure as President and Technical Director of one of its richest Counties, the
Surrey County FA Coaching Association, a job that makes the homeland's distance sweeter. He still feels honored and humbled to have the privilege of following the late great Sir Bobby Robson in this role.


The manager had however already fallen once for the White Cliffs sirens' chants by agreeing in January 2013 to manage the WSL outfit Lincoln Ladies FC but he changed his mind when the Estonia FA offered him a new


''My name turned up again this summer when the Arsenal Ladies job was up for the grab but after asking for my CV I heard nothing afterwards until I was told they went for a Spanish guy'' Boanas  reveals with a bit of
disappointment - however he then adds to have been recently lined up by another WSL club, the Sunderland Ladies FC.


After the Three Lionesses disastrous debut at Wembley last month, trashed 3-0 by the European Champions and next summer's Canada World Cup favourites Germany, there were eyebrows raised over the new managements  efficiency. ''Have England improved since Hope Powell's departure?'' I asked.


''They have'' replied a convinced Boanas ''Hope (Powell) lately lacked players' management'. 'She had somehow only heart and passion for her players'' he said calmly ''She had her favourites and the changing room was split'' he continued ''That's the reason why players like Leanne Sanderson couldn't find space'' he said.


I then asked him about last Saturday's 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Draw as he was recently quoted in the media to be against the controversial deployment of synthetic turf instead of natural grass pitches in  next
summer's competition. ''Are you still against it?''


''I was partially misquoted on that'' he said ''We are normally using regularly 3/4G pitches in Estonia during the indoor winter training and also in the regular season but in the long range my experience has witnessed a consistent rise of knee, ankle and lower back injures’. ’However Canada's cold winter lead to synthetic grass pitches deployment for indoor training sessions so presumably those pitches were required by the World Cup organisers as a precondition or mandatory clause to host the FIFA tournament'' said Boanas. 


Shouldthat be an unfair advantage then for the Canadian team considering the overwhelming majority of the World Cup finalist teams have scarce confidence with the surface? ''Could that fact alter the normality and
outcome of the next World Cup?'' I asked.


''It is unlikely so'' was the sharp answer from Boanas ''Canada have been strong challengers in the past (they still rue over a controversial defeat against 2011 World Cup host, Germany) and I am an admirer of their meticulous and very competent coach who will already be analysing opponents' videos and carrying out a detailed study on them'' continued Boanas in emphasising how no stones will be left unturned by the
Canadian team management as they have an historic chance to grab their first 'soccer' world crown.

(End of Part I)

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The FOOTBALL REPORT: SOCCER: EXCLUSIVE - A Good €uropean - ESTONIA Women's Coach KEITH BOANAS Interview - Part One

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EU POLICY: Is The European Union Over? Viviane Reding MEP Defends Our Union - TV Debate

The debate was broadcasted Saturday Nov 29th by Al Jazeera TV from the Oxford University.



LONDON / David Cameron's Tories policies have called for a break up of one of EU's fundamental pillars, the Freedom of Movements Rights, forced to dance at the tune of the right-winged and break away movement of former commodities trader Nigel Farange.

EU's citizens, now branded 'foreign' emigrants will be in the future - according to the UK PM request - be equalled to criminals by reporting to Police stations, whenever they lose or will be without an employment.

We are therefore assisting at the death of the Union's principles with the blessing of Brussels and Strasbourg bureaucrats which for no less than twenty years have play down the Eurosceptic movements dangers rather than clamping it down at its beginning.

The movement, helped culpably by the UK media who gave them undeserved voice and space in all the news and political broadcasts, have now become a torrent which is risking to topple the UK government at next year's May elections. 

The European Union's only hope of survival and prosperity now lays only on the strong faith and mind of people of good will like the former EU Commissioner and Vice-President Viviane Reding MEP.