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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

EU COMMISSION: The Day of Farewell is Nearing for President Jose' Manuel Barroso - INTERVIEW


LONDON/ Barroso eyes freedom as his Commission Presidency terms draws to a close by the 31st of October, and speaks of his preference for focusing on the business at hand over fruitless political exhibitionism.

Not exactly a glorious reign his as it allowed euro scepticism to grow all over Europe by failing to clamp down on the UK's one. He let the EU Constitution treaty die in favour or his Lisbon's one that hear,hear will bear all the stigmata for the Union's break up as nations are allowed to leave without - apparently - no defined penalties or fines.

In fact he is the man who refused to impose the EU flag, the hymn and the metric system and to stop farther EU integration to Great Britain in a alleged deal to stay in power at the 2009 elections. Not exactly a lionhearted or a good European patriot he was or was he?

His only noticeable public dissent with the UK policies were when he came to London's LSE for a speech, a few years ago on the eve of the signing of the Lisbon Treaty , in which he politely rebuked Britain's attitudes toward the community for 'being in the EU but looking like it was never in it'. He stood against Scotland's independence in the build up to last month referendum. 

Sunday' s last public outburst should have to be considered his last belated roar in defence of the 'United States of Europe' by warning PM David Cameron  'not to make an historical mistake' by endorsing right wing policy of limiting a fundamental pillar of the EU, the freedom of movement for citizens.

We wish you well anyway Jose', presumably as the new Nato's secretary general, with UK's wilful endorsement of course.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

EU ECONOMY: Milan's Extraordinary Growth & Employment Summit Amidst Workers Protest - President Schulz Warning "25 Million Young People To Get Employment!"

Summit puts basis for infrastructure-wide, employment and investment oriented future strategy across the Union to fight current families' catastrophes. 

European Parliament President Martin Schulz, second from left, at the summit in Milan with EU President Herman Van Rompuy, first left, Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Holland, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Commission President Jose' Manuel Barroso / Picture: European Parliament


LONDON. Preceded by a consistent workers' protest in the morning (Video below) the echelons of the European Union powers have convened in Milan yesterday on request by EU's current presidency holders, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi that called up this extraordinary European employment summit in Milan on 8 October in order to tackle the growing malaise the whole Union but especially Italy is facing.

The summit is "not only a personal catastrophe for young people, but also for their parents, grandparents, kids, friends and relatives," warned EP President Martin Schulz who attend the meeting together with President Herman Van Rompuy, Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Holland, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Commission President Jose' Manuel Barroso. 

Schulz called for more action to help create work, including investment in research and infrastructure: "Build schools, repair streets, install broadband, support start-ups, finance innovative research projects" in his speech however little has emerged a day after of the details of the plan.

He added: "The crisis will only be over, when Europe has stable growth rates, the 25 million young unemployed have found a job, companies can obtain loans for their innovative business ideas and our children look with hope to the future. Today we have to build the basis for a good tomorrow."

Earlier in the day the street of Milan outside the summit venue saw a strong demonstration by Italian unions' workers and independent action groups who protested against the 'Austerity' measure in place that produce a slide into poverty and despair for the Italian population and families.

Italy are in fact with Greece, the shamefully only two Union countries where there is neither an institutional unemployment system of benefits or of minimum guaranteed salary nor a form of welfare help with the housing rent help or is very scattered.

People lose their job, caught between the working age and the pension age, the 'Esodati' whose count was recently at some 260,000 do not have any state welfare cover and this brought - in the past ten years - a multitude of entrepreneurs and self-employed to take theirs lives.

Hope is the Summit's outcome will be also made known in detailed terms of which actions, what figures, plans and investments strategies have been decided today and how they are going to impact on the European Union youth and unemployed workers. 

Despite President Schulz outlining and dropping of highly stimulating words like innovation, research and new finance for business, the encouraging words may in fact drop in sea of dead waters, like the many 'hermetic' summits of the past, or rather be another sterile public exercise of political powers display in support to the Italian presidency to calm the growing disaffection to the EU, down.

The EU isn't in fact working as it was laid down in the treaties. Too many are the pitfalls the member states have that are failing the ideological spirits drawn by the 'founding fathers' and continued by Kohl and Mitterrand to whom its citizens have been told to rely upon. 

Italy however have to blame partly itself for having few major inefficiencies that hampers the economic process; its public administration whose offices are still opened half day to the public, its tribunal justice system that is not processing timely and the police forces structure that are not repressing ramping criminality timely and correctly.   

As part of this 'reboot plan' however, on Saturday EU Parliament President Martin Schulz is meant to meet,  in Hamburg, Germany, the Chinese Premier; it is a great chance for the German politician to ask his Chinese counter part an opening for a consistent review of the actual trading agreement in act with the Far East power.

The juggernaut state has in fact just in this day overcome the USA to become the number one nation in the world, in term of purchasing power. The European Union could break up soon should new immediate welfare measure not be put in place in the wait for a restructured economic recovery and to restore public faith in the Union.   
(Source: EP) 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

EU PARLIAMENT: Agenda Week 6-10 October. Commissioners - Designated V-Ps Scrutiny. Sakharov's Freedom of Though, Human Right Cttee Prize. Budget 2015 Review. President Schulz to Meet Chinese PM after Milan's Summit on Growth and Employment

Second week of public hearings of Commissioners - designated and committee meetings in Brussels'.

UK's Tory party may wish to take the country out of the HRA however EU Parliament honour every year the defenders of Human Rights with the Sakharov Prize.  

EP President Schulz will take another dip into Italy on Wednesday, this time to Milan, for an high level summit on the country's growth and employment explosive situation. 

He will then meet China's premier Li Keqiang in Hamburg on Saturday for a presumably quiet word to reviewing WTA quotes.


LONDON. MEPs will continue assessing the skills and qualifications of Commissioners-designate for the posts proposed by incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

Monday and Tuesday

The candidate Vice Presidents will be heard by the parliamentary committee(s) active in their proposed fields of responsibility, except for the candidate for the post of 1st Vice President of the Commission, Frans Timmermans, who will be heard at a meeting open to all MEPs.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Hearing,14:30 , Speaker: Alenka BratuĊĦek
Portfolio: Energy Union - Vice-President
(Committees: ITRE (Responsible for the Hearing) , ENVI (Responsible for the Hearing) ,

Hearing,14:30, Speaker: Valdis Dombrovskis
Portfolio: Euro and Social Dialogue - Vice-President
(Committees: ECON (Responsible for the Hearing) , EMPL (Responsible for the Hearing) ,

Hearing (18:30) , Speaker: Federica Mogherini
Portfolio: High Representative of the Union for Foreign Policy and Security Policy -Vice- President (Committees: AFET (Responsible for the Hearing)

Hearing (18:30) , Speaker: Andrus Ansip 
Digital Single Market - Vice-President
(Committees: IMCO (Responsible for the Hearing), ITRE (Associated to the Hearing), LIBE (Associated to the Hearing) 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hearing (10:00) , Speaker: Jyrki Katainen 
Portfolio: Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness - Vice-President
(Committees: ECON (Responsible for the Hearing) , EMPL (Responsible for the Hearing) , ITRE (Responsible for the Hearing) , TRAN (Associated to the Hearing) , REGI (Associated to the Hearing)

Hearing (14:30) , Speaker: Frans Timmermans
Portfolio: Better Regulation, Inter-Institutional Relations, Rule of Law and Charter of Fundamental Rights - First Vice-President of the Commission
(Committees: COP (Responsible for the Hearing)

Budget 2015

The Budgets Committee will vote on the final figures it proposes for the EU’s 2015 budget.
It has recommended that Parliament as a whole reverse cuts sought by the Council of Ministers and vote extra funds for growth and jobs policies, education, including the EU's Erasmus+ student mobility programme, and EU humanitarian support in war-stricken zones. 

Sakharov Prize. 

MEPs will choose a shortlist of three finalists for Parliament's 2014 award for freedom of thought, in a joint vote by the Foreign Affairs and Development committees and the Human Rights Subcommittee. The Sakharov prize is awarded by the European Parliament every year to honour defenders of human rights and freedom of expression.

President’s diary. 

President Schulz will meet Poland’s Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, followed by a press point (Paul-Henri Spaak Building, 9th floor) as well as David Camp, Chair of the US Congress House Committee on Ways and Means. 

He will chair the Open Conference of Presidents that is to hear Commissioner-designate Timmermans on . 

The President will travel to Milan to attend the high level summit on growth and employment.
He hopes not to be 'amicably' called a 'Nazi' again as it happened in Lampedusa this week.'Only in Italy, they call me 'a Nazi' he quipped.
Finally, Mr Schulz will meet Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Hamburg